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Vision 2020

Be part of our Vision 2020 campaign to transition to a more permanent home, with enhanced play and instructional areas

DCSA is growing fast! Money raised through our Vision 2020 campaign will support a transition to a more permanent home, with enhanced play and instructional areas.


Our students and families.


Our staff.

Supporting Ambassadors

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“We have been at DSCA for a short time, but we already feel that this school has blessed our lives and enriched our children’s lives. They are eager to learn and happy to go to school.  I feel that they know that the teachers and staff of DSCA TRULY care for them.  The care they feel is palpable.”

– Julie Mumfrey

“I had the honor and privilege of teaching Kindergarten at DSCA. I found the school to be a beautiful place of ministry for children and teachers alike. It truly felt like I had stepped into the River of Life. I am so thankful for the time that I was allowed to be a part of their ministry.”

– Julie Duke

Our Mission

To serve our community by partnering with Christian families to provide a Christ-centered, Classical education and to train children for God’s calling on their lives, to serve our staff by valuing and supporting the individual professionally and spiritually to give them the freedom to utilize their passion, skills and unique gifting and to serve our supporters by recognizing their contributions and spiritual investment in the growth and future of God’s kingdom through DSCA.