Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric Schools (preschool-12th Grade)

According to the Classical model, our academics
are divided into three schools
working together in one:


Grammar, Preschool-4th Grade

K3 & K4 preschool classes focus on the child’s natural and age-appropriate ability to memorize, mimic, and master facts.

DSCA has developed a customized curriculum that includes phonics, pre-writing and pre-reading skills, hands on experiments, Saxon Math and critical thinking/problem solving.

Absorption. Grades K-4th are the building blocks upon which all other learning is based – their minds are busy absorbing information from poetry, stories, new vocabulary, math facts, historical people and dates, descriptions of plants and rocks, composers, major works of art, etc.

 Logic, 5th – 8th Grade

Analysis. All of this absorption prepares them for further study in 5th – 8th when the focus of study becomes considering the way things fit together and answering the question “Why?”.



Rhetoric, 9th – 12th Grade

Expression. Finally, in grades 9th – 12th, students engage in challenging study and use everything previously learned to write and speak in clear, forceful, and elegant language.



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