DSCA Ambassadors.

Becoming Ambassadors

Our Students and Families

It has been said by DSCA students that DCSA is their family away from family. And we believe that we are truly partnering with families when our students feel like school is an extension of their family.

We also believe that as an extension of their family, we are just as concerned with the spiritual development of each child as we are with their academic and relational development.

Training Ambassadors

Our Staff

We strive to serve our staff  by valuing and supporting them both professionally and spiritually. We specifically give our teachers freedom in the classroom to not only instruct according to their passion, skills and unique giftings, but also to instruct according to the specific characteristics of the students in the class.

Our teachers take very seriously their responsibility and opportunity to educate their students both academically and spiritually.

Supporting Ambassadors

Our Partners

Finally, we are grateful for our partners in education.

We are grateful for volunteers in the classrooms, on the playground, in the workroom and beyond. And we are grateful for financial supporters of our school.

The contributions and spiritual investment of our volunteer partners is an investment in the growth and future of God’s kingdom through DSCA.