Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does DSCA meet?
A: DSCA K-12th grades is at 400 Old Hwy 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Q: What is DSCA’s school motto?
A: Training Ambassadors

Q: How long has DSCA been around?
A: DSCA was founded in 2006.

Q: When is the application available and when is it due? What is the application process?
A: Pre-enrollment opens in October. Open enrollment begins February 1st. Late enrollment opens May 1st. Enrollment application

Q: What is the instruction schedule?
A: DSCA meets Monday- Thursday. 8:00am- 3:10pm. DSCA does offer Friday classes.

Q: What is the tuition?
A: If you need more information on Tuition Assistance. If you are ready to apply click here Tuition  information.

Q: Can we still apply if we are not Christian or do not attend a local church?
A: DSCA’s mission is to serve this community by partnering with Christian families. We understand seeking a church family, and we highly encourage church membership and attendance as it is a blessing as believers.

Q: What grades are currently offered?
A: Dripping Springs Christian Academy serves K3-12th grade.

Q: What is the typical class size?
A: Class sizes vary based on classroom space.

Q: What is the teacher: student ratio?
A: Teacher: student ratio varies, but the max is 1:15.

Q: What curriculum will be used at DSCA?
A. DSCA has its own uniquely created curriculum plan based on school objectives and Classical Christian education.

Q: Is 5th grade grammar or logic?
A: Stages of Classical Education are based upon the Trivium:
Grammar- K3 through 4th.
Logic- 5th through 8th.
Rhetoric- 9th through 12th.

Q: Does DSCA teach Latin? Why?
A: In 4th grade, students will begin the study of Latin. Latin helps students better understand the English language, vocabulary and grammar. It trains students’ minds to think analytically and use their powers of observation. Learning the language facilitates an understanding of history. Latin encourages a better understanding of classical literature. Latin is still used for technical terms. Latin is foundational to the learning of the Romance languages.

Q: What is the dress code?
A. For full details on dress code.

Q: Who is the accrediting organization?
A. Cognia.

Q: How large is the student body?
A: DSCA student body is composed of 100 students.

Q: Is DSCA a non profit organization?
A: DSCA is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization.

Q: What is the school mascot?
A: Lion.

Q: What is your policy regarding technology/ cell phones in the classroom?
A: Technology is a tool that is introduced in Logic school for typing. See staff and student handbooks.

Q: Is there a security plan in place?
A: Yes, DSCA has a security plan and staff are trained in safety and security.

Q: Are you affiliated with a church or denomination?
A: DSCA is an independent private school based on God’s Word and acting in accordance with our Statement of Faith. DSCA is not associated with a particular church or denomination.

Q: Do you offer extra-curricular activities?
A: DSCA partners with local organizations in the community who are well- established and have the necessary facilities for extracurricular sports.

Q:  Do you offer a sibling discount?
A. DSCA does not offer a sibling discount. DSCA does offer tuition assistance so Classical Christian Education is accessible to all families who desire it.

Q: How do I make a donation to the school?
A: You can make a secure online donation.

Q: What is the 2023-2024 school year calendar?
Download School calendar here