COVID-19 Response Plan

At DSCA, our mission has always been training ambassadors, and we look forward to continuing that mission with the start of school on August 24th.

In light of COVID-19, we are implementing strategies to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the potential spread of COVID-19. 

The following is DSCA’s specific plans to re-open and operate while the community-level transmission is “under control”.

We have included links to guidance and considerations used in developing plans in line with a standard of care. While private schools have been released from TEA guidelines, we are encouraged to hold similar standards:  

In addition, CDC considerations include:

Our Plan to Start the 2020/2021 School Year

Elements of our primary plan to hold in-person classes on campus are:

  • In-person classes start on August 24th with up to 8 weeks of make-up days:
  • Options are offered for health compromised individuals, personal choice, or quarantine:  DSCA@Home with live and recorded teaching and lesson plans.
  • Ninety percent attendance is expected and required for either option. Since our mission is to partner with Christian families, work may be completed with the families and turned in to be graded. Dress code will be enforced under both options.

COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies DSCA is Employing


  1. Staff and students are required to self-monitor with daily home screening:

    Do NOT send a child to school with any doubt or question of illness.

  1. Campuses will be closed to parents & visitors entering the building areas that occupy students in the fall. An exception may be made for partners (volunteers) based on time commitment. Outdoor partners will be encouraged and must maintain social distancing. Scheduled appointments will use the Head of School’s side office door and not be allowed to enter the areas that occupy students. Shadow students will be allowed after application, family interview, and commitment, and prior to enrollment.


  1. Governor Abbott’s mask order:

    Masks will be provided for staff, but students must bring their own. Currently, masks must be worn by ages 10+ upon entry (unless exempt- see Governor’s order) until students and staff reach classrooms and are socially distanced. Masks will be worn in common areas during the day and if a teacher works closely with a child. Once the community is out from under the mask order, face masks will be the individual’s choice on what’s best for them and their family. We will respect each decision and this should not be a point of division between us.

  2. A full-time cleaner will be on campus for routine and systematic cleanings. As classes are scheduled out of their classrooms, hard surfaces and touch points will be cleaned with COVID-19 approved disinfectant and sanitizer (once per day in every classroom). Bathrooms and common areas will be cleaned throughout the day.
  3. Hand sanitizer is required upon entry and exit and will be provided in every entrance and each room, along with additional hand-washing stations in each building (pending availability). Proper hand-washing techniques will be taught and observed during these times.
  4. Hands-free dispensers, faucets, and toilets are being installed (pending availability).
  5. Class cohorts with limited intermingling between classes will occur in the fall, unless it is integral to our program (ie math travelers, Latin placement, etc). Each building and most classes will remain a cohort with admin crossing over as necessary. Communal and playground areas will not be used to combine classes in the fall.
  6. Cub tubs and individual learning spaces are provided with student assigned curriculum, supplies, materials, etc. Common touch points are being minimized.
  7. Outdoor learning will be encouraged, weather and conditions permitting. Rooms with windows will have sufficient ventilation. Interior rooms will be provided with air purifiers (pending availability).
  8. Any symptomatic student will be immediately isolated in a designated area until pick-up (within 30 mins expected) and sent home for doctor release or 14 day quarantine

Response to lab-confirmed case of COVID-19

  1. Families are responsible to report lab-confirmed cases to DSCA as soon as results come in.
  2. DSCA will notify and work with the local health department.
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting immediately occurred after a symptomatic person was identified or 2-3 times daily in routine cleaning, so no additional cleaning would be required at that time.
  4. Contact tracing will be done and communicated with those who were in close contact with the lab-confirmed case.