COVID-19 Response Plan

DSCA staff, students, and families experienced a fantastic 2020/21 year due to the plans and policies carried out on campus. We continued to meet in person with little interruption to spiritual and academic growth. As we are preparing for the 2021/22 year, we are looking forward to opening up the campus to our families and building on our family culture.

The calendar is posted with a return to our regular Labor Day to Memorial Day schedule. We are not starting school early nor planning make-up days during the school year. Please refer to the school calendar for exact start and end dates, along with make-up days. 

Although our preferred method of learning is in person, we will continue to provide alternative learning environments for health compromised individuals, personal choice, quarantine, or isolation through DSCA@Home with virtual learning and/or online lesson plans. Ninety percent attendance is expected and required for either option. Since our mission is to partner with Christian families, work may be completed with the families and turned in to be graded. Dress code will be enforced under both options.

COVID-19 Prevention Policies
(based on CDC’s recommendation of physical distancing, handwashing and respiratory etiquette, facility cleaning, and contact tracing):
  1. Staff and students are required to self-monitor with daily home screening.
    Do NOT send a child to school with any doubt or question of illness.
  2. Campuses will be closed to visitors entering the building areas that occupy students. Shadow students will be allowed after application, family interview, and commitment, and prior to enrollment.
  3. Masks/face coverings are not required, but may be worn. This will be the individual’s choice on what’s best for them and their family. We will respect each decision and this should not be a point of division between us.
  4. Routine, systematic cleanings and disinfection will continue. 
  5. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry and exit, along with additional hand-washing stations. Proper hand-washing techniques will be taught.
  6. Hands-free dispensers, faucets, and toilets have been installed where possible.
  7. Class cohorts with limited intermingling between classes will occur, unless it is integral to our program (ie math travelers, Latin placement, etc). Communal and playground areas will be scheduled separately for cohorts as schedules allow.
  8. Cub tubs and cohort learning spaces are provided with student assigned curriculum, supplies, materials, etc. Common touch points are being minimized as possible.
  9. Outdoor learning is always encouraged, weather and conditions permitting. Interior rooms have been provided with air purifiers.
  10. Any symptomatic student will be immediately isolated in a designated area until pick-up (within 30 mins expected) and sent home for doctor release/testing or 14 day quarantine

Response to lab-confirmed case of COVID-19

  1. Families are responsible to report lab-confirmed cases to DSCA as soon as results come in.
  2. DSCA will notify and work with the local health department.
  3. Contact tracing will be done and communicated with those who were in close contact. Families are expected to follow isolation and quarantine policies before returning to school.