Dress Code

At Dripping Springs Christian Academy, the dress code is to ensure that each student in the school body will dress appropriately. We desire for students to dress with modesty and humility, so as not to distract others from their educational and spiritual goals.
Staff is in charge of enforcing the dress code. A dress code violation will result in a reminder, but repetitive violations will result in a student being pulled from class until s/he is appropriately dressed.
Changes or additions to the dress code can be made at any time by the DSCA Board.

Acceptable Clothing

  • Solid neutral-colored khaki style pants or shorts with like-colored stitching.
    • Girls may also wear sold neutral-colored capris pants, uniform skorts or uniform jumpers with like-colored stitching. (A polo-style shirt and shorts must be worn underneath the jumper and shorts should not be longer than the jumper.)
    • All pants, shorts, and skorts must be modestly loose without being oversized or too tight and must be an acceptable length (mid-thigh or longer while sitting and at or above the knee when standing).
  • Solid color, long or short sleeve polo-style shirt with no logo or embellishment. For colder weather, students may wear a solid color t-shirt or turtleneck under their polo-style shirt. Leggings will also be allowed under approved clothing.
  • Closed toe and closed heel shoes (tennis shoes or casual dress shoes) that are appropriate for recess and PE.
  • Naturally-colored hair that is well-groomed, neat, clean and out of the eyes.
  • School-sponsored apparel at designated times.

Logic and Rhetoric School

  • Physical education students must be appropriately dressed in solid blue or black athletic shorts, with at least a 7″ inseam, plain solid color t-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes.

Unacceptable Clothing

  • Logos or character designs on clothing or anything brought to school. (Small brand logos will be allowed on outerwear, backpacks, lunch bags, and shoes.)
  • Sweat pants, leggings, knit pants or shorts (knit shorts are allowed underneath skirts and jumpers, as long as they are unseen when standing.)
  • Torn or frayed clothing.
  • Clogs, sandals, high heels, rollers, springs, house shoes or flip-flops.
  • Shoes with lights, character designs, or other embellishment.
  • Excessive jewelry or hair accessories.
  • Earrings or exposed piercings for boys; Exposed body piercings for girls (not including earrings).
  • Make-up in Grammar School (Kinder-5 th grade).
  • Make-up in Logic and Rhetoric School that is distracting or excessive (6 th -12th).
  • Outerwear, sweaters, and hats worn inside the building.
  • Anything deemed inappropriate by the Administrator.