To Read

The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers (required reading)

Dorothy Sayers presents a logical and informed argument for Classical education in this short work. She argues for the grammar, logic (middle) and rhetoric schools DSCA is formed upon. This work is highly recommended as a primer on Classical education.

Classical and Christian Education by Gregg Strawbridge (recommended reading)

Gregg Strawbridge does an excellent job of expanding our description of Classical Education.  He covers the entire range from Kindergarten through 12th grade so that you can get a “big picture” view of the process and how Classical education continues to meet the needs of students.  Not all of this may be applicable to your child right now, and if it is a bit overwhelming, feel free to ask questions.

Although the educational philosophy stated in the reading is one that Dripping Springs Christian Academy has adopted, the strong opinions of public education as stated by Strawbridge, are not applicable to us.  We are fortunate to live in a community with excellent public schools. That said, God has called us to provide an alternative for Christian families, and we believe that Dripping Springs Christian Academy is fulfilling His plan.