Homecoming Celebration

Wonderful DSCA parents and students!


Food! Music! Games! Fun!

Get ready for DSCA’s Homecoming Celebration on Friday October 13th for 5th-12th graders following the DSCA Flag Football Game that evening!!

Our theme is glow-in-the-dark…glow sticks, face paint, party favors are all available at the Homecoming Celebration.

Football Game is from 5-7 pm – at the school campus.
Visit the food truck from 5-7 pm

After the football game kids can join the Homecoming Celebration 7-9pm 

Homecoming Celebration info:
Located DSCA Campus
$15 (Party Favors, snacks & drinks)
DSCA + Homeschooling 5th – 12th

Glow in the Dark Attire: Dress to impress in Neon or white

This is a semi-formal event. Please wear your best and we would love to see you wear clothes with white or bright colors so you glow in the black light!

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