Physical Education

At Dripping Springs Christian Academy, our physical education program centers around a team environment. We cheer for each other, we bring out the best in each other, and we strive to develop our student’s strengths, agility, and endurance to build the physical foundation of every student’s personal faith walk.

Through imaginative games and sports, our students learn how to develop winning strategies and excel at problem solving. Students are taught to break out of their comfort zones, test their unique personal strengths and weaknesses, and find success.

Our main goal is to bring out the best in our students. To do this, we give them a physically and emotionally safe environment. Students get to participate in a variety of physical activities, sports, and fitness methods. Enthusiasm and excitement abounds in each class as the students master new skills and encourage each other. These students believe in themselves and one another. You will not find tolerance of bullying or negative behavior at DSCA.

This program is more than fitness – it’s a movement that combats today’s ever-growing sedentary lifestyle. At it’s root, our program is about fun and adventure. It encourages the students to develop a love for being physically active not only during P.E., but as a foundation of their faith walk.

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