Tuition Assistance

The number one question for most parents who desire a private education for their child(ren) is “Can we afford it?”

We all want what’s best for our children and are willing to sacrifice and work harder to provide it, but we may still feel like a private education is out of reach.  At Dripping Springs Christian Academy, we want to remove the financial stumbling block for those who desire a Christian education by offering payment plans and scholarships based on financial need.

Our children are precious gifts from God.  Give them the best you can and don’t let finances be a stumbling block for your family!

Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans can remove the obstacle of coming up with a one-time payment for tuition.  At DSCA, we offer 1-payment, 2-payments, and 11-month payment plans. Feel free to call and ask about our payment plans.


To ensure confidentiality and security, we employ an outside entity to manage all financial information. 

  • Scholarships are available for students entering Kindergarten through 12th-grade.
  • Remember to submit requested W2’s and tax returns to FACTS.

To submit a FACTS application: