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Each student’s intellectual, physical, creative, and spiritual growth is our top priority. As educators, it is our responsibility to guide each student toward fulfilling his or her potential. When it comes to work ethic, originality, and knowledge, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. The goal is to give students opportunities for growth and camaraderie outside of the classroom.

Ambassadors in Action

DSCA’s motto is “training ambassadors”. It is our goal to impress upon the students that we are to look beyond ourselves, love our neighbors, and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Each month we focus on a way to serve people within our community.  The suggested topics should be communicated and encouraged by classroom teachers throughout the entire month.

List of Partners

Music & Drama

​​​​​​​​Studies have shown that music produces several positive effects on a human’s body and brain. Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory. Children develop their language skills through singing songs, with attention to diction, meaning, rhythm and rhyme. Music is also used to stimulate discussion or creative writing. Through working with others in a musical and dramatic setting, children develop their ability to communicate ideas effectively, all of which are facets of expressing our God-given creativity. Plus, it’s fun!

1st and 2nd grades focus on singing, focusing on rhythm, tempo, and fun, as well as learning about instruments. Musical themed worksheets are introduced.

3rd-5th grades focus on becoming more familiar with music and note reading, in addition to singing songs, as well as collaborating on writing plays. Acting is an added component in these grades, culminating in a presentation at Christmas, as well as the end of the school year.


At Dripping Springs Christian Academy we want our art classes to first and foremost bring glory to God, our Ultimate Creator. Creativity produces creative thinkers, explorers, troubleshooters, inventors, risk takers, thought provokers, and great storytellers.

As art teachers, our goal is to expose the students to a wide variety of mediums, styles, and subject matter setting in motion a fresh confidence in their skills for creating art, an increased awareness of the beauty of God’s creation, an appreciation for the accomplishment of others, and a desire to do their best.

We believe all people possess an innate creative capacity because all people are created in God’s image.


Physical Education

We believe that each student needs physical exercise and training on how to care for God’s temple. In physical education, students are taught to honor God with their bodies, always give their best effort, care for others, and play fair. Skills are taught for body and object control in all grades. 

PreK- K focuses on locomotor and nonlocomotor skills, cooperative play and personal hygiene. K-2nd focuses on games and individual skills. 3rd-12th team sports begin with a focus on skills, rules, strategies and teamwork.


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It might be difficult to recognize the differences between schools at first glance while searching for the best match for your child. Parents often cite DSCA’s nurturing environment and innovative teaching methods as the factors that have the greatest impact on their child’s development. Find out how transformative education can bring out the best in your kid.