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Enrichment in fine arts, athletics, and academics shapes well-rounded leaders. Join now to make a positive impact!

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Our enriched curriculum fosters creativity, nurturing artistic talents while promoting academic excellence for a future of success.

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Dripping Springs Christian Academy provides a haven for learning from daycare to nursery and beyond. Our dedicated faculty encourages curiosity and critical thinking.

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We are operating Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

We cater to working families seeking top-notch education and care.

DSCA will soon be enrolling infants 3mo through PreK4

Our aim is to teach BIG truths to young hearts as we play, sing, explore and learn together.

Together, let’s shape young hearts, train Ambassadors for Christ, and prepare them for a future filled with faith, Knowledge, and purpose.


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We dive deep into learning

Beginning in pre-school

Beginning in elementary school, students are taught to evaluate whether or not a given notion is consistent with the Bible by incorporating biblical truth and context into all subject areas. A solid spiritual foundation is formed when Bible instruction and Scripture memorization are combined with critical thinking, reasoning, an understanding of current events, and an application of a biblical worldview. Our ultimate objective is to equip our students with a biblical worldview that allows them to effectively confront the humanistic, post-Christian worldview with sound logic, decisive action, and clear expression.

DSCA has developed a customized curriculum that includes phonics, pre-writing and pre-reading skills, hands on experiments, Saxon Math and critical thinking/problem solving.  Download Curriculum Chart